Java Updates

Today I would like to talk about the importance of Java updates.

What is Java?

Java is a programming language commonly used in webpages and certain applications that add advanced functionality. More on Java here:

Why is updating Java important?

In a word; security. Any program that adds online functionality to a website can pose a security threat. Spyware programmers can deploy these functions in malicious ways to gain control over your computer, lock you out or gain access to valuable information.
A recent article released by CNET talks more about it:
I personally don’t advise disabling Java. It can cause problems in applications. I do however support the idea of keeping it up to date.

How do I update Java?

Java should check for updates every so often on it’s own. The key word there is “should”. Sometimes the update feature stops working for some reason or because people don’t know what Java is, they will simply ignore the notices to update.
If you want to update Java manually you can follow the steps in the instructions linked below:
Scroll down to the “Java Update Options” section.

I also update Java whenever I do regular maintenance on a computer, a part of every service. So if you’ve had service recently, you’re good. Just keep updating it whenever it prompts you.

NOTE!! Sometimes Java will offer to install additional software along with the update. This is entirely up to you but it will be selected by default so keep an eye out for the option. You may not want what is being offered.

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