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7 Days – Official Better Days Mod Page


Hello everyone. Here is Computer Ace’s Better Days mod for the game 7 Days to Die, alpha 15 (a15) version.

I felt that the game had a lot of bugs that needed to be fixed and recipes that didn’t make sense or that required too much grinding, so I revamped the configuration files to help with these problems. It also tones down the zombies a bit so they do not run as fast at night. There are hundreds of changes that make the game more fun and less grind-tastic. A must if you want to enjoy the game in single player mode or hate spending all your time working for materials.

Feel free to tweak the files to meet your liking. Read the Tweak section to leave out parts you don’t want. You may link to this page for anyone to find...

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Leaving XP

I’m sure you’ve heard that Windows XP support has come to an end. As a result, your old XP system is more at risk with each passing day. You may still be very happy with XP or may feel like you have no choice but to stick with it due to some old software or a printer you have that only works with DOS or XP, so here are your options.Read More

Upgrading Microsoft Office. Is Office 365 for you?

Many people feel pressure from other sources to upgrade to the latest version of MS Office.  You may have just purchased a new computer for your home and your old version of Office is missing or may be too old to work on a new computer. With either scenario, you may be looking to buy Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) you should know how the Office game has changed.

Microsoft Office 365 is subscription based. The good news is you can download it right away and it’s cheaper to start. You also get upgrades to newer versions when they come out. The bad news is you will pay more in the long run because you have to pay every year. When you stop paying, it stops working. Another problem is you can’t pick and choose which applications you want...

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Software Bugs Really Bite

There is almost nothing worse than buggy software. Here is an infographic that takes a look at the top six software bugs in recent years and the impact that those bugs have had. A simple coding error can have a dramatic impact on the program and cause serious error.Read More

The History of Microsoft

For many, many years now, Microsoft is the dominant supplier of computer operating systems across the planet. Best STL has put together this interesting infographic that looks at the history of Microsoft from the birth of Bill Gates in 1955 to our current time.Read More

Java Updates

Today I would like to talk about the importance of Java updates. Java is a programming language commonly used in webpages and certain applications that add advanced functionality. Why is updating Java important? In a word; security. Read More