Locally owned and operatedOwned and operated by Howard DeAlvarado, Computer Ace Inc. offers computer repair and services in and around Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. DeAlvarado has over 20 years of computer expertise, and is MS & A+ certified. Since July 31, 2006, Computer Ace has been helping clients with their computer-related needs.

Our Goals:

  1. Conduct business with integrity, always keeping the customer’s best interests in mind
  2. Offering our customers a high level of service for a reasonable and competitive price
  3. To provide the home and small business with:
    a) Solutions to every-day computing problems
    b) Answers to commonly-asked questions and provide training whenever possible
    c) Protection against security and privacy threats
    d) Quality computer hardware and software as a service to the customer, not as a means of profit

Computer Ace Inc. is a registered member of the Arizona Better Business Bureau.

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