A Good Reason To Buy a PC Soon

Today I would like to talk about why you should buy a computer soon. The answer is: Windows 8. Confused? Let me explain. Windows 8 is being pushed by Microsoft just like every other version of Windows they’ve released. If you are a techie like me, you’ve noticed a pattern of every other version of Windows being a complete dud. Well we’re on the dud version again. Ex: Windows XP (good), Vista (bad), Windows 7 (good), now it’s Windows 8 (bad again).

Granted, there are going to be some people that like it. Just like there were some who liked Vista. If you’ve been happy with Vista, that’s good, I’d say even lucky. However good experiences with Vista were not the norm. Some people may like and will have good luck with Windows 8. However, I seriously doubt this will be case with most.

The reason you should buy a new computer soon, if you’ve been thinking about it, is that Windows 8 is coming out Oct. 26 and it will be installed, by default, on every new computer system. In other words, if you decide you don’t like Windows 8 and want Windows 7 instead you will have to special order your computer and after a while (I’d say about 6 months) you won’t be able to get it with a new system at all and will have to buy it separately, then install it over Windows 8. Which will be expensive and very time consuming.

If you are on the fence about Windows 8 and are wondering if there are any real benefits to it, let me assure you, there are almost none. If anything there is less functionality due to it trying to be more simplified and ends up being harder to navigate. What used to take 1 or 2 clicks, may take 5 or 6.

There is a demo of Windows 8 on the net called Metro7 which allows you to see what it’s like to use Windows 8 on your current PC. Unfortunately, it has spyware built into it, so I can’t recommend it. You can however go to your local computer store and see Windows 8 for yourself if you are still interested.

BTW if you are wondering what computer to get, let me make a quick recommendation. I would go with HP or Dell (good warranty/tech support and decent quality components) and with the i3, i5 or i7 Intel processors. You can expect to pay about $600 on up for a decent system. I can also help find the right computer for you or even transfer your data and setup your new system.

UPDATE: You can still get Windows 7 if you order it online at dell.com or hp.com . Just go to their computer sections and select Windows 7 under “operating system”.

Howard DeAlvarado owns Computer Ace, a Phoenix based computer repair and services company. He has over 18 years of computer service expertise and is MS & A+ certified. Follow on Google + as well as Twitter.