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Is Your Slow Computer Affecting Your Health?

The internet is a very useful place and people spend hours and hours everyday utilizing and exploring its vastness. But for those unfortunate individuals with slow computers, time may be spent more in frustration instead of quickly finding the information they were looking for. This infographic takes a look at why slow computers can be a detriment to good health.Read More

Upgrading Microsoft Office. Is Office 365 for you?

Many people feel pressure from other sources to upgrade to the latest version of MS Office.  You may have just purchased a new computer for your home and your old version of Office is missing or may be too old to work on a new computer. With either scenario, you may be looking to buy Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) you should know how the Office game has changed.

Microsoft Office 365 is subscription based. The good news is you can download it right away and it’s cheaper to start. You also get upgrades to newer versions when they come out. The bad news is you will pay more in the long run because you have to pay every year. When you stop paying, it stops working. Another problem is you can’t pick and choose which applications you want...

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Keys to Protecting Your Network From Cyber-Attacks

More than half of businesses across the world lack the ability to detect security breaches to their networks within a short period of time. Just think about how much valuable information can be lost, tampered with or stolen in just a matter of minutes? With current technology, there is no need to take the risk of a cyber attack. Data center monitoring is quickly becoming the top priority for businesses all over the world. But what does it take to achieve 100% visibility for ultimate data center security? APCON explores this topic in the following infographic.

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Keys to Protecting Your Network From Cyber-Attacks

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Software Bugs Really Bite

There is almost nothing worse than buggy software. Here is an infographic that takes a look at the top six software bugs in recent years and the impact that those bugs have had. A simple coding error can have a dramatic impact on the program and cause serious error.Read More

Microsoft Tech Support Scams

Microsoft is not in the business of scamming people, at least not the real Microsoft. There have been in the last year or so, companies that because they are located in other countries, have gotten away with posing as Microsoft and offering tech support help to people in need.

They call you, pretending to be Microsoft tech support and tell you that they have noticed that your computer is having problems. Then they have you go to a fake website and change some settings on your computer so they can “help” and then, at the end of the call, tell you it costs X amount of money. By then your computer is probably worse off than it started.

How do they know you need help when they call? Good question...

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Ladies and gentlemen another public service announcement. If you are using AOL email, RUN. If you are using the AOL software RUN. If you are using AOL anything. RUUUNNN! Seriously. It's all packed to the brim with spyware. I am not kidding. Get another email, do not use any of their services.Read More
Today’s email is for anyone that has a Yahoo! e-mail account. Gmail and Cox users can breathe easy.Yahoo!’s neglect, your problem. I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up on the news about Yahoo! e-mail’s security (or the lack thereof) but if you haven’t I feel it’s my civic duty to let you know about a serious problem that’s going on and Yahoo! is doing absolutely nothing about.Read More

Java Updates

Today I would like to talk about the importance of Java updates. Java is a programming language commonly used in webpages and certain applications that add advanced functionality. Why is updating Java important? In a word; security. Read More

A Good Reason To Buy a PC Soon

Today I would like to talk about why you should buy a computer soon. The answer is: Windows 8. Confused? Let me explain. Windows 8 is being pushed by Microsoft just like every other version of Windows they’ve released. If you are a techie like me, you’ve noticed a pattern of every other version of Windows being a complete dud. Well we’re on the dud version again. Ex: Windows XP (good), Vista (bad), Windows 7 (good), now it’s Windows 8 (bad again).Read More